St Mary’s College has a number of scholarships on offer to students.

St Mary’s College is a Catholic specialist school for students who are deaf or hard of hearing in the Dominican tradition. Through our scholarship program, we aim to provide access to education to families who would not ordinarily be able to access it.

Scholarships open to current and prospective students include:

  • Equity Scholarship - available to students entering prep or Year 7
  • Dominican Scholarship - available to students entering Year 7.

Scholarships may carry remission of between 25% and 75% of tuition fees with the length of duration offered between 3 and 6 years, depending on individual circumstances.

St Mary’s College is committed to supporting families in need of a specialist Catholic education through our Equity Scholarship which assists with the cost associated with tuition fees. Equity Scholarships are offered following generous bequests made to the College.


Students with a moderate to profound bilateral hearing loss and either;

  • Families experiencing financial hardship or
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people or
  • Refugee students

Dominican scholarships are awarded in recognition of commitment to the shared values of our school and the Four Pillars of Dominican life, being community, service, study, and prayer.


Students with a moderate to profound bilateral hearing loss and a

demonstrated commitment to the life and values of their current school.

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Application Closing Date: 6 March 2022

Scholarship Application Form


A number of bursaries are also available to families and teachers aspiring to enter the field of Deaf Education. Enquiries regarding the gifting of bursaries should be directed to the Principal.

Recognising the great friendship and links between the Dominican Sisters and Clare Winter, a bursary has been set up at St Mary’s College by the Sisters so it's possible for a student to gain access to a St Mary’s College education where this may have been prevented as a result of financial hardship. The bursary, known as the Clare Winter Bursary, is in the gift of the Principal.

St Mary’s College offers a bursary to support graduates who have completed an Australian Catholic University teaching course to undertake the Master of Learning Interventions, specialising in Deaf Education. The purpose for this offering is to enhance the number and quality of teachers with Teacher of the Deaf qualifications who are available to work at St Mary’s College as well as the wider Deaf Education sector.

SMC charitable purpose Policy

For all scholarship or bursary inquiries, please contact the College administration office on or phone 03 9800 2733.

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